De Koevoet is located at the heart of the Frisian Lakes and it is an excellent operating base for exploring the surroundings by boat, but also by car, on bike or on foot


De Koevoet is located in the centre of the Frisian Lakes area. From here, you can discover the surrounding area by boat, car, bicycle or on foot.

The Frisian Lake district is known to many as a water sports area, but the shores with the forested Gaasterland have so much more to offer! The diversity in forms of recreation make this area popular with young and old.

Here, we give you some suggestions for different activities. And some fun clips for inspiration!
At the VVV Waterland van Friesland you will find many more ideas to make your holiday in Friesland unforgettable.

The events calendar of Southwest Friesland

De Koevoet from above

Friesland from above

Southwest Friesland (Zuidwest-Fryslân)

Súdwest-Fryslân (as the Southwest of Friesland is known locally) is one of the twenty 'National Landscapes' in the Netherlands. These landscapes offer a unique combination of culturally-historic and natural elements.

Zuidwest-Fryslân is very versatile, with mounds, medieval allotments and waterways, but also with lakes, woods and push moraine. De Koevoet is proud to be ambassador of the National Landscape of Súdwest-Fryslân.

We would love to inform you about the possibilities of exploring this landscape!